Arieca is a materials technology company solving heat management issues for the electronics, aerospace and automotive industries with Thubber, a thermally conductive rubber. Thubber has the mechanical properties of a soft silicone and heat conducting properties approaching stainless steel.

Thubber has a novel combination of properties:

  • Ultrasoft: elasticity of soft silicone (100 kPa modulus; >100% strain limit)
  • Thermally conductive: isotropic thermal conductivity of 1.5 – 4 W/m.K  and anisotropic thermal conductivity of 5 – 10 W/mK with aligned liquid metal filler technology which approaches that of stainless steel
  • Tear resistant: metal-like fracture toughness (10-30 kJ/m2) that is 25-50x greater than conventional silicone rubber.

Thubber has the potential to revolutionize how heat is managed in personal computing, wearable devices, and other compact electronic technologies (possibly batteries), while being electrically insulating. Compared to existing thermal greases and pads, Thubber has a superior combination of high thermal conductivity, mechanical compliance, and resistance to fracture, tearing, or flaking. As a thermal interface material (TIM), it can rapidly transfer heat away from heat generating electronics (e.g. microprocessors, batteries, radio transceivers, etc.) and allow them to function over long durations without overheating or requiring reductions in speed or power consumption (i.e. throttling). Additionally Thubber can isolate sensitive electronics and avionic systems from mechanical vibration and shock with the ability to draw the heat away from heat generating parts at the same time.