Technical Intern

This role is intended for upper class undergraduates and graduate students with a background in mechanics of materials, heat transfer and polymer composites with experience in materials handling and testing procedures. Strong analytical and communication skills are required as we need to optimize the formulations and develop processes and systems that work well within the constraints of a startup. Previous experience in a materials research/industry laboratory is a bonus. Engagement with external vendors and ecosystem partners is possible.

Anticipated assignments during this internship:

  • Create test beds to evaluate and optimize the performance of the material for thermal management in electronic & semiconductor packaging
  • Support the fabrication, testing and optimization the material formulations in an agile process for engagement with partners and customers
  • Support defining the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for production manufacturing
  • Ensuring the proposed manufacturing process can achieve desired quality levels

The term of the internship will run from April through August 2021.