Liquid Metal Embedded Elastomers (LMEE) is a versatile technology that creates exciting new possibilities in industries than range from nanoelectronics to aerospace. Materials that can effectively conduct heat and electricity, demonstrate high tear resistance, and maintain softness and flexibility equip visionary designers with a multitude of new possibilities. 

Heat management is a serious problem in virtually every industry, from electronics where poor heat management results in reduced processors clock speed, to automotive and aerospace where cooling and heating systems play an important role reliability and functionality of devices.

Thubber’s ability to enhance a base polymer’s thermal conduction while maintaining softness creates exciting new opportunities in the areas of anti-shock/vibration, flexible devices, and next generation wearables.

TIMbberâ„¢, which comes in an emulsion form, targets extremely thin bond line thickness (BLT) on the order of 20-30 microns. Optimized for use as a Thermal Interface Material (TIM) in microelectronics, it provides low thermal resistance, low viscosity, excellent adherence, and high elongation. This unique set of characteristics makes it ideal for the rigorous environmental and power cycling conditions that modern mircoelectronic devices must tolerate. 

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