The Elegant High Performance Thermal Solution

Modern microelectronics is approaching a heat wall. Arieca’s LMEE is a simple, high reliability, HVM compatible component to a superior thermal management solution.

ALT Series - TIM1

Arieca’s ALT series targets the TIM1 space, achieving extremely low thermal resistance through the realization of extremely low contact resistant and reliable thin bondline thicknesses. The ALT series is a cure-in-place emulsion that has been optimized for adhesion to silicon and nickle-plated copper. The emulsion has been optimized for easy dispensing with current high-volume manufacturing (HVM) equipment.

Radically changing the way TIMs thermally connect layers.

Contact resistance arising from particle-to-particle and particle-to-surface resistances is the major contributing factor for high interfacial contact resistance in traditional P-TIMs. Liquid Metal fillers dramatically change this. Additionally, highly deformable liquid filers allow extremely low bond-line thicknesses achievable.

Microstructure of Polymer-TIMs

Liquid metals as fillers dramatically change the way polymer-filled TIMs transfer heat between interfaces by establishing extremely low contact resistance enabling low bond-line thicknesses.

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