Future Markets

Unfold the Future of Wearable Computing

LMEE is an enabling material for a future where apparel, sensing, and computing converge.


Medical advances will benefit from robots and machines that behave like soft biological organisms and are safe for contact with humans.


LMEE wearable adaptive health sensors conform to our bodies without occluding large portions of the skin. This greatly enhances the data that the sensors can capture without compromising comfort or mobility.

Energy Harvesting

High efficiency triboelectric energy harvesting generates
sufficient energy from normal activity to power IoT sensors and low data rate communication devices.

Flexible Displays

Imagine rugged, shatter-resistant touch screens on phones and tablets that can be rolled up and tucked into a pocket. New, malleable touch sensor will enable innovative designers to create a lot more than just unbreakable screens.

Let's invent the future