Arieca works on a Small Business and Innovation Research (SBIR) Contract with NASA

The primary program objective is to demonstrate the potential for incorporating a proprietary thermally conductive elastomer developed by Arieca LLC into space technologies for heat management. The thermally conductive rubber, known as “Thubber”, exhibits a unique combination of silicone rubber compliance and metal-like thermal conductivity. The objective of the program in Phase I was to perform a preliminary tests that demonstrate the feasibility of incorporating Thubber into space technologies for heat management. Technical tasks focused on studies that would provide evidence that Thubber could have a strong likelihood of passing space qualification requirements during Phase II of the program. Efforts also focused on early-stage development of experimental testbeds for exploring the use of Thubber in specific space technology applications. Phase I concluded with four principal accomplishments:

●  Method for synthesizing leak-free version of Thubber with conventional and space-grade silicone elastomers using immersion blender

●  Extensive mechanical, thermal, and dielectric characterization of Thubber

●  Preliminary studies of response to extreme temperatures, including cryogenic conditions

●  Customer discovery and preliminary engagement with NASA suppliers and contractors