Arieca Begins Ramp-up of TIMbber™ Pilot Production at New East Liberty Facility

Arieca, a developer of advanced materials, has moved operations to 201 N. Braddock in Pittsburgh’s East Liberty neighborhood. The new facility will function both as the company’s headquarters as well as manufacturing facility for pilot production of TIMbber™.

TIMbber™ is the application of Arieca’s Liquid Metal Embedded Elastomer (LMEE) technology to the area of Thermal Interface Material (TIM) targeting the microelectronics market. As integrated circuit (IC) technology continues to shrink (especially below 28nm), power densities above 100W/cm2 are common. These high and non-uniform power densities cause uneven heating of an IC during operation, resulting in die warpage. Excessive warpage exacerbates reliability failures such as delamination.

TIMbber’s uniquely engineered microstructure provides manufacturers with the ability to simultaneously achieve low thermal resistance and high reliability, relieving a major industry pain point.

Arieca has sampled TIMbber™, under NDA, to manufacturers in the US and internationally. The pilot production line expansion provides the necessary production capacity needed to support reliability tests that are planned for early fall.

Jonathan Dindak, director of operations, is over seeing the installation and ramp-up of the pilot line. He can be reached at

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