Liquid Metal Embedded Elastomers

Modern Materials for a Connected Society

Liquid Metal Embedded Elastomers (LMEE) form the basis for extremely deformable, high-performance, multi-functional materials for the most demanding applications.

Introducing Liquid Metal based Polymer TIM

LMEE provides the foundation for Thermal Interface Materials (TIM) that achieve  extremely low thermal resistance and rock solid reliability, while remaining compatible with high volume manufacturing flows.

Arieca - Liquid Metal-based Polymer TIM

Materials for the future


Unique properties of LMEE create soft, stretchable multi-functional materials that comfortably augment the human body. LMEEs combine the mechanical properties of soft biological tissues while having metal-like electrical and/or thermal functionalities. These unheard combinations of properties make them an ideal choice for integration into smart clothing and wearable robots.

Arieca Industrial Solutions


LMEE composites can be tailored to provide combinations of mechanical, electrical, and thermal properties that address difficult industrial applications.

Core Technology

Over a decade of research and development at Carnegie Mellon University has created a mature technology to leverage Liquid Metals in an easily-usable form, to solve the most acute problems. Arieca's proprietary Liquid Metal Embedded Elastomer (LMEE) architecture has quickly become an indispensable material for an increasingly connected society.

Where We Started


Government Sponsored Research

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